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Conceptualization of a space management system for hybrid work environments

ux design / ui design / design system / desktop app

Jun/22 —now

Full-time project at Bicg

My role
Product designe & Product owner
Responsible for the entire process in both UX and visual design. Contributed to concept development, information architecture, user flows and high-fidelity user interface. I was also in charge of project management and coordination with the development team.


Building a system for workspace optimization

hyTeams Administrator is an office space management tool for hybrid work environments.

It is the companion app to the hyTeams app, with which employees can plan which days they will be in the office to collaborate and socialize and which days they will work remotely, on the go, or not available.

The Facility Manager can see the occupancy of the spaces, workstations and meeting rooms, based on the office attendance planning previously registered by the employees.

This information allows them to identify underused spaces and thus propose a strategy for optimizing them.

Released in September 2022

01 Discovering


Bicg︎︎︎ is a consultancy firm with the mission of improving work in organizations by redesigning their spaces. We design new concepts of workspaces based on the needs of their employees. The space should facilitate teamwork, as well as creativity and collaboration. This allows companies to optimize their office spaces, creating an activity-based office.

hyTeams Administrator wants to be the result of all the years of experience and consulting projects carried out packaged in a digital tool.


When a project is started in Bicg, the CEO has a tendency to think big, he wants to imagine how far that project can go and capture it visually. Once this has been projected, the next step is to decide where to start building.

Upon entering the project, the main challenge to be solved was to

carry out a complete design of the application in the shortest possible time to validate the CEO's ideas.

Understanding the landscape 

The 2020 global pandemic has only accelerated some trends in the world of workplaces, such as digitization and remote work.

Due to this, offices must change adapting to the current needs of professionals, so it is vital to know their work dynamics and propose a strategy based on them.

A first step is to know the occupation of the different spaces: workstations, meeting rooms, collaboration rooms, parking, cafeteria,...

55% of workers worldwide want to work in the office, as long as the spaces make them feel comfortable and motivated

Cinco días ︎︎︎

User interviews
I interviewed some of the bicg senior managers who had the most experience with the design and optimization of workspaces to identify what data they had used when proposing a redesign strategy for office spaces.


1. The 3 key aspects in this project are the people, the spaces and the data generated.

2. Both for people and for spaces, the application must contemplate the option of complex systems, with several levels.

3. The most relevant data to propose an optimization strategy is the occupation of workspaces and meeting rooms, as well as the relationships between the different professionals.

02 Defining

How can we help facility managers to optimize their offices based on the work dynamics of employees?

Target audience

Primary Audience

Facility managers

Secondary Audience

Heads of business units or departments
Human Resources People

Information architecture
Based on the insights from the interviews, I proposed a structure with 3 verticals: People, Spaces and Data. It was also very important to visualize how data from these three verticals related internally, as well as externally (with integrations with the hyTeams app or other apps).

03 Designing


I created wireframes for each screen on the platform and got feedback from the CEO as well as senior managers before moving on to visual design.

Although in the wireframes we proposed a long-term application proposal with a large number of screens, the first version that we would launch on the market had to be an MVP. Therefore, we needed to prioritize features and simplify screens.

04 Delivering

1. Add contacts
Start by inviting members of your company to the hyTeams app so they can indicate their office attendance planning.

2. Define your workspaces
Create buildings, floors and sectors and add workstations and meeting rooms.

3. View space occupancy
With the data from the hyTeams app, view the occupation of workstations or meeting rooms, filtering by building, floor or sector.

Next steps
1. Validate with users

The top priority was to launch a minimum viable product that would be up and running in 3 months. Taking into account that the product had to be developed within this period, the research and design phase was very compressed, so the user test was carried out internally with consultants specialized in workspaces. For the next iteration it would be interesting to be able to validate the tool with real users.

2. Competitive analysis

Due to the short period of time I had for this project, I designed a first version of the platform without having the possibility of carrying out a market analysis, using only the knowledge that bicg senior managers had of the competition's tools. Before moving forward with a next iteration, it would be necessary to investigate the market.

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