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Digital Designer and Product Owner currently designing and managing Bicg's digital products for team synchronization in hybrid work environments.

My background in design & agile methodologies, business administration and entrepreneurship is what has led me to this position.

For some years Bicg had developed digital products to support the work of consultants.

When I joined the project there was no product team, only development, so it was necessary to rethink the bases: organize the information architecture, user flows and design consistency of their apps.

In a second phase, I conceptualized the integration of two digital products, independent to date.

Additionally, my hunger for organization and determination to turn chaos into balance has contributed to improving team productivity by implementing agile methodologies (design thinking, lean ux, scrum and kanban).


where i've always been

My wish is to combine my knowledge about design and business with the needs that arise in users to create innovative products that are valuable to them. 

I have a special interest in new technologies and how they can make people’s lives easier, as well as the use of methodologies in order to facilitate the creative & development process.

I like to think of myself as a creative mind, very active and in love with organization, productivity and personal development.

All through my career, I want to never stop learning.


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