A redesign and simplification of an application
for team synchronization in hybrid work environments

sep/2021 — now



My role
Responsible for the entire process in both UX and visual design. Contributed to primary research, concept development, information architecture and high-fidelity user interface.

I was also in charge of project management and coordination with the development team.

About the app

Hybrid Teams is an application that allows managers to make their teams’ hybrid work much more efficient.

Managers can set team overlap days in the office and employees can synchronise their face-to-face attendance or remote work with each other on all other days.

The user can plan which days they will be at corporate headquarters to collaborate and socialize and which days they will be working remotely, traveling, on vacation or sick leave.


Initially, the application had been developed directly from a common need of several bicg clients, without taking into account a design thinking process.

Probably for this reason the application was difficult to understand and had little attraction for these customers.

In addition, during the redesign process of the app, it was decided to pivot the business model towards a freemium model, where a free version with basic functionalities and a paid version for companies would be published.

Therefore, when I joined the project, the main challenges I identified were the following:
1. Deploy the design thinking methodology throughout bicg and in the project
2. Simplify and rearrange content and screens
3. Identify and prioritize the main functionalities
4. Adapt the app to a freemium model


Starting point

The content of the initial app as well as the different user flows were not clear to users. The main pain points were:
- There were duplicate functionalities on different screens, so it was not clear to the user where he should do what
- Some features or information needed to be seen together, however they were on separate screens
- The side menu also contained links to the nav bar, which confused the user
- The app had an archaic design

Designing a global concept

To test the needs of our clients, we devised and prototyped a complete version of the application.

Work in progress: free version

Currently, we are developing a free version of the app, with the basic functionalities for team synchronization.

1. Set your whereabouts for the day
Quickly see who's in the office today and change your planning for the current day in just one click

2. Synchronise with your colleagues
Visualize the planning of your teammates and plan your week according to your needs or wishes

3. Organize the team
Define the rules for hybrid working and schedule joint office days to coincide with your teammates